Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions may vary for each individual booking, please refer to your PDF attachment. Changes are noted at the time of placing a booking or tentative booking.

I Customer Name, agree and understand that by Paying my Deposit/Security Bond of (advised at time of booking) I automatically accept the full responsibility and Terms and Conditions listed below. Email communication and phone calls between myself and Party Rock Entertainment are deemed and treated the same as a legally signed agreement, or amendments thereof.
  1. Security Bond/Deposit: A deposit of $(advised at time of booking) is required to be held as a Security Deposit and Bond, this amount is payable prior to secure your booking date. This is due by (advised at time of booking).
  2. Booking Deposit Payment: Must be paid by (advised at time of booking) to ensure your booking date is secured. Failure to do so may result in loss of booking date, and the price may change; Party Rock Entertainment does not accept liability for any loss or damages, for loss of booking date due to late or non-payment.
  3. Cancellation Policy:
    Over 60 Days’ Advance Notice: Full refund of Bond and Full or Partial Payments
    59 – 31 Days’ Notice: Credit* Towards Future Booking in the amount of the bond or Full or Partial Payment
    30 – 7 Days’ Notice: Loss of Bond and Full or Partial Payment
    Less than 7 Days’ Notice: Where full payment has not been made you will be issued with an invoice for 50% of the total booking amount in addition to your security bond, payable within 7 days, any debt collection fees, interest charges, or other expenses in incurred in the process of collection will be charged to you as the hirer. Where full payment or partial payment (equal to more than 50% of the booking amount) has been made you will lose that amount.
    Less Than 24 Hours Notice: Treated as an Arrival Cancellation Full Amount Due. See Clause 7.
    *Credits valid for 3 months. If your next chosen booking date is unavailable or unable to be booked during the period the Credit will be forfeited or extended subject to the discretion of Party Rock Entertainment. Any Partial or Full payments made prior to the tour will have the same cancellation policy applied.
  4. Refund of Security Bond/ Deposit: The booking deposit automatically becomes your damage bond, once paid. At the end of the tour the vehicle will be checked by the host and/or driver. It will be the customer’s responsibility to email bookings@partyrock.rocks to get sent/complete your refund form. Provided there are no damages or breaches of the terms and conditions you will receive your security deposit back within 30 business days to your nominated bank account.
  5. Damage Inspection prior to Departure: We suggest that when you initially board and pay your fee due, prior to your guests boarding, you also inspect the vehicle for any damage prior to departure. Any damages noted at the end of your tour that were not observed prior to boarding will be the responsibility of the hirer.
  6. Payment due:  Full Amount Due Prior to Boarding: As per the agreement, is to be paid in cash, or in advance via Credit Card or Bank Transfer (allow minimum 3 business days) before boarding in full to the driver or host by the person who is responsible for the charter. (We do not collect individual person/s money). We reserve the right to request full payment in advance.
  7. Arrival Cancellation: If a chartered vehicle arrives at the pick-up point and the responsible client does not wish to go ahead, for whatever reason, the total charge for the charter is still due, in addition to the deposit amount or by negotiations with depot operations manager / Party Rock Entertainment. Failure to pay this amount may result in debt collection, and further legal proceedings may commence. As the hirer you will be responsible for all debt collection fees, interest charges and any other expenses incurred in the recovery of these monies.
  8. Responsibility of Guests Actions: As the hirer of the chartered vehicle, you are responsible for your guest’s actions and compliance to the terms and conditions. All Drivers and Hosts are within their legal rights to evict any individual or all persons at any time at their discretion if you or your guests are causing a disturbance, deemed to be acting in a manner that could cause the vehicle to have an accident, unruly behaviour, are heavily intoxicated, insist on consuming alcohol on board (without Liquor Licence) or acting in a manner that the host or driver feels is inappropriate at their discretion, no refunds will be given, and an automatic loss of the entire bond will occur.
  9. You are Responsible: The vehicle/s will not carry any person from your party unless you, the responsible hirer, is on board. If you will not travel with the charter you must allocate and nominate an adult to take your place to fully accept the responsibility and the booking must be in their name. This person will be responsible for signing off on prior to departure.
  10. Liability: The Operator has full public liability insurance and takes all reasonable due care however in the case of sickness, accident or injury of any passenger, The Operator will take no responsibility. It is your responsibility as the Hirer to ensure your guests understand this and the Terms and Conditions.
  11. Late Arrival, Delays or Sub-contracted out: Be assured that we always do our utmost to provide the service booked, arrive on time, even arrive in advance at most times. However, if delays occur due to mechanical failure, traffic conditions, sickness, or any other reason and the provision of a sub-contracted or ordinary vehicle is used instead of a Party Bus, you agree not to make any claim against The Operator, or Party Rock Entertainment
  12. All of the agreed itinerary/schedule needs to be maintained: Times and/or venues cannot be changed during the agreed tour for any reason. An automatic loss of your bond will occur should you the hirer or any of your Guest/s refuse to follow/maintain the agreed tour schedule. This includes where you or your guests are refused entry into venues due to behaviour intoxication etc…
  13. Waiting At times where the bus is made to wait due to you or your group you will be charged at $200 per hour rounded up in 15 minute increments ($50). This fee also applies to additional stop offs at the end of night. (e.g. McDonalds on the way home) Should this waiting exceed your bond, or where you have already lost your bond you may be required to pay extra in cash or via credit card to continue the night.
  14. We Can Not Accept Responsibility: If Venues, Police or any Authority  ask us to move on without allowing disembarkation. As we always comply with laws, you agree not to make any claim against The Operator or Party Rock Entertainment, as this is out of our control. Should this occur we will stop at the next closest legal disembark point.
  15. Wine, Beer and Spirit tasting Disclaimer: All Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries could charge a tasting fee which is not included in the charges. The venues request that you collect the fees from your guests and pay them in one lump sum.
  16. Venue Entry and Deals: If Authorities change the trading hours or conditions of entry or deals to a venue for whatever reason; you agree not to make any claim against The Operator or Party Rock Entertainment as it is not within our powers to demand deals or entry. Venues offer these deals as an added courtesy to our groups. It is up to the client to check with the venue in advance for any changes.
  17. Sensible Alcohol Consumption: The Operator and Party Rock Entertainment encourage and enforces sensible alcohol consumption at all times as well as on licensed premises and therefore, if any passengers are deemed too intoxicated or causing a disturbance they can be asked to leave the vehicle/tour and if given the option to travel home by taxi or other means do so at their own expense or may immediately terminate the entire tour at the discretion of the Drive/Host or after hours manager. In this instance and immediate loss of entire bond will apply.
  18. Passenger Property Loss: Guests are not permitted to leave any property on board the bus whilst no present. All property and valuables remain the responsibility of their owners should either a host or driver permit you to leave any possessions on board you do so at your own risk. Party Rock Entertainment and The Operator cannot take responsibility for items left on vehicles that are lost, damaged or stolen. If any property is found deemed lost, we hold it at the Depot after entering it into a Lost Register. We will not be liable or will not pay for damage to property or clothing which belongs to any person in vehicles. We take no responsibility for lost property whilst waiting collection. Delivery of your “lost” items will incurr charges as arranged by Party Rock Entertainment, and will be deducted from your bond or charged to a nominated credit card.
  19. Electronic devices disclaimer: [iPhone, iPods and other devises].The Operator encourages the use of Laptops, Tablet PCs, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Smart phones for the purpose to allow passengers to bring their own music. “BM Henschke & Z Taylor (The Operator)” cannot accept any responsibility for such electronic devices if damaged, lost whilst on the vehicles or damaged either physically or electronically. At no stage must they be left unattended with The Operator at any time. All Charterers must advise their guests of this fact and agree to do so. Any connection leads required should be bought along by Charterers.
  20. Photo ID: Is required to be carried by all guests and produced when requested by the nightclub’s representatives at each venue, or by our driver/host any guests regardless of age without ID will be excluded from the tour as a courtesy to our associated venues, and to comply with local legislation.
  21. Vehicle Damage: Where the vehicle is damaged by you or your guests, or left in an unpleasant condition (e.g. Vomit), the vehicle may be withdrawn immediately and your tour cancelled, and if deemed necessary, all bond may be kept. If you or your guests cause excessive damage, The Operator and/or Party Rock Entertainment will take reasonable action to recover all costs incurred. An invoice will be sent to the Hirer for any additional costs with 7 day payment terms. Failure to pay this amount may result in debt collection, and further legal proceedings may commence. As the hirer you will be responsible for all debt collection fees, interest charges and any other expenses incurred in the recovery of these monies.
  22. Payments: Payments made by Credit Card incur and additional 2% Surcharge Bank Fee. For our group tours you will be advised in advance of the minimum group size or minimum payment required for the hire. Payments can be made via cash (in advance or on the night), Bank Transfer, Visa or MasterCard (over the phone during business hours). “Last minute” guests are more than welcome and payment for them can be arranged on the night of the tour in cash.
  23. Photos: Please be aware that any photos or videos taken aboard our tours may be used for advertising, marketing or security purposes by Party Rock Entertainment.
  24. Disorderly Behaviour: The throwing of objects out of windows, fighting, rioting or vandalism to personal property or property of The Operator, anti-social behaviour will generally result in the passenger/s immediate termination from the tour, or in certain circumstances the cancellation of the entire tour. No refunds will be given and an immediate loss of entire bond will apply. Any additional costs will be at their own expense e.g. taxi fares.
  25. On-Board Facilities: Party Rock Entertainment provides great on board facilities for the enjoyment of our guests; such as Karaoke, Strobe Lights, On-Board Virtual DJ System, etc… However should any of the equipment fail for any reason prior or during the tour, you the hirer and or your guests agree not to make any claim against The Operator or Party Rock Entertainment. (Note not all vehicles are fitted with the same facilities please check when booking)
  26. Alcohol On Board:
South Australia:

Kaboom Party Bus Tour
– With Alcohol Included Package Purchased – No Liquor Licence Required (Please Check if you have an alcohol Package) No Glass. No Red Wine.  Failure to comply will result in loss of entire bond.
Party Rock Entertainment – No Alcohol On-board
If you wish to have BYO on-board you are permitted to do so provided a form is completed with OLGC. Please note you will be required to comply with the terms of the liquor licence, failure to do so is illegal, and you will lose your entire security bond should you fail to comply.


Party Rock Entertainment – BYO Alcohol is permitted max of 4 drinks per guest, unless negotiated prior. No Glass No Red Wine. Failure to comply will result in loss of entire bond, and immediate termination of tour where necessary.

New South Wales:

Party Rock Entertainment – BYO Alcohol is permitted max of 4 drinks per guest, unless negotiated prior. No Glass. No Red Wine. Failure to comply will result in loss of entire bond, and immediate termination of tour where necessary.

Western Australia:

Party Rock Entertainment – Western Australia has a State Wide Law preventing the consumption of alcohol on any Party Pus or of any kind.Failure to comply will result in loss of entire bond, and immediate termination of tour where necessary.


Some bookings will have additional terms and conditions imposed on a case by case basis. E.g School Formals Alcohol must be left in a “stow away” area and strictly not consumed on board.