At Party Rock Entertainment we take our McLaren Vale Wineries and Wine tours VERY Seriously! Seriously Fun!
We offer a fully personalised wine tour so you can visit the McLaren Vale Wineries that you want to visit

McLaren Vale Wineries – Relaxation Like No Other

What’s better than a glass full of the best wine in the area on a relaxing day after a long weekend of work? The only thing that can top that off is a glass of the best wine in the area and relaxing ride through the scenic valleys where it is actually made. Yup, you got it right, what’s a better relaxation than giving you some time off that busy schedule to indulge with nature and its beautiful wine? Nothing is better than that!

A Day Of Delight at the McLaren Vale Wineries

All of us enjoy a nice glass of wine from time to time. Have you ever wondered how it is made and who is behind this delightful creation? With a trip on our wine tours, you will get to meet with the creators of this stunning nectar of the gods and get a chance to get up close and personal with wine as you have never been. We guarantee you that the scenic settings of the wine breweries will make you wish to come again and again.

Eat Some Delicious Food Along The Way

We make sure to give you the chance to experience a scrumptious, delightful lunch along the way at any place of your choice. You could hold out for a BBQ spot with the delightful sun creating the perfect setting, or you could go for something local with olives, cheese, fresh produce, chocolates, and lots more to satisfy your palate.

Quench Your Wine Thirst Today

It’s not every day that you get a chance to enjoy wine tastings of some of the best wines in town and get a chance to meet their makers. Grab your chance today and contact us for details of our wine tours.


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McLaren Vale Wine Tours Adelaide – Do it with the Best!

  • BEST Venue Partner Deals in the industry! You Pick.
  • Professional and Young certified party planners for your McLaren Vale winery planning.
    • Some of our competitors are party poopers.
  • The Best and most exciting party hosts to look after you.
  • Fully insured and accredited for YOUR safety.
    • Don’t risk it! some companies are not fully insured.

  • Fully professional booking system.
    • We don’t lose your McLaren Vale Wine Tour bookings! Professionalism Guaranteed.
  • Party Rock is available 24/7 via phone or email.
  • Luxury fun and style.

McLaren Vale Wineries Transport Adelaide – Party Bus Features

At Party Rock Entertainment we have a range of party buses available for your McLaren Vale wine tour. Some of the Adelaide party bus features are:

  • Guest capacity available for 6 – 40 (need more? book more buses).

    • Not all of our party buses are the same.
  • Over 14,000 watts of crazy pumping sound.
  • Multiple TV monitors for video clips or laser light shows.
  • All of the top chart music or bring your own playlist.

  • High-End LED Lights.
  • DJ Laser Lights.
  • Partial perimeter seating.
  • Fully blocked out windows for that classy limousine effect.

Other Adelaide Party Bus Events

McLaren Vale Wine Tours on the Adelaide Party Bus are always a great way to make your special event memorable. To keep your mind at ease at Party Rock Entertainment, all of our party planners in addition to vigorous training, have completed a certification in Event and Hospitality Management. Just another way we make sure your event is a super success. Why would you risk your McLaren Vale wine tour with amateurs?

See all of our Adelaide Party Bus Events here. Some of the other events we offer are:

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