Below Party Rock™ Entertainment has provided all the need to know FAQ’s. If you think something needs to be added let us know!

If anything in the FAQ is hard to understand or your unsure about simply contact one of our Qualified Party Rock™ Party & Event Planners today! or submit an online enquiry

What is a Party Rocker?
You Are! At Party Rock™ Entertainment we believe every one of our clients are Rock Stars and should be treated like one.
Urban Dictionary Definition: Someone who can Party anywhere whether it be an actual party, the grocery store, or even at home alone. A party rocker can party for days straight with or with out liquor and/or hard drugs. BEWARE: Their are many amateurs who believe that party rocking is shuffling or fist pumping mostly wannabe’s.

“Snookie and Deena” Jersey Shore

Where are you located?
 Everywhere. Well almost…. We operate in many cities throughout Australia, just check out our website
What do you mean by male entertainer?
Our Male Entertainers are Shirtless and look after you while on board the Party Rock™ Party Buses, they even escort you into the venues you go to. Speak with your party and event planner about your requirements and show options
What do you mean by female entertainer?
Our Female Entertainers will look after you while on board the Party Rock™ Party Buses, they even escort you into the venues you go to. Speak with your party and event planner about your requirements and show options
Is Party Rock a Booze Bus?

While some tours alcohol on board is totally fine and in some cases provided by Party Rock™. But we are definitely NOT a booze bus – we love fun and we love to party, we just don’t think ending the night in a pool of vomit or blood is fun!

NOTE: ** If you are looking for a booze bus and become a tool there are plenty of dodgy companies out there that are unlicensed, uninsured and put simply unsafe… Please Call Them.

Why does my Party Chauffeur look so young?
Party Rock™ Entertainment believes to be the best, we employ the BEST! Most drivers have had over a decade of experience in not just buses but trucks and other BIG vehicles. Don’t Worry! They know what they’re doing, they just look great doing it.
Online we saw one of your competitors are the ``Only premier combined party bus and leisure tour operator`` does that mean you aren't?

Ummm….. We can’t moderate what other companies write if they have notions of grandeur and wan’t to make things up, that’s OK we just think they they’re silly. Leave them to their nonsense and party with Party Rock.

Party Rock personalises every tour we do. Not only are they Party and Leisure Tours, they’re YOUR tours we just help you plan them with professional and qualified party and event planners.

Are you the cheapest?

Probably not, But in some cases we are, it all in depends. In some regions we even offer a Price Beat Guarantee if though we are the best and have the BEST PARTY BUSES!

Most events with the value of the great deals with our venue partners exceed the cost of your booking, basically making your booking FREE.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for, how important is the success of your party?

Do you want a Qualified Party & Event Manager helping you?


<—- Or this guy?

SERIOUS NOTE: Beware of the dodgy companies – a lot take your money and don’t rock up or tell you they are the cheapest and guarantee a price beat but they won’t actually honour it when you ask. If this happens to you we recommend contacting your states consumer affairs office or the ACCC.

One of your competitors offer the Largest Range of Party Tours why don't you?

If you consider a product “range” to include types of events you could book a party bus for maybe they do have the largest “range”.

Party Rock™ personalises every single event and this is done by a Qualified Party and Event manager so we think with every combination possible we win EVERYTIME! Imagine all of the possibilities. Your sobriety is the limit.

Why should we book through Party Rock?

That’s Easy, we ROCK!

No, but seriously

  1. We are the only National Party Bus business that offers Certified Personal Party and Event Mangers to help you
  2. We have the largest range of Venue Partners – Best Deals
  3. We have the coolest party hosts
  4. We are professional and available 24/7 everything is processed on a state of the art reservation system so your never left stranded or forgotten about everything is done professionally.
  5. While all of our staff are “young” we are all experts in our industry and certified to help you organise the best event ever. (see Is Party Rock™ the Cheapest”)
  6. We have GREAT Prices! Even though we know we ROCK we often do offer a price match for most areas to show you we are the best.

Don’t Risk your important event with amateurs

How much does it cost?
There are a lot of factors that come into play. Every Party Bus reservation is created and personalised for you by a party and event planner so depending on what you’re looking for the pricing will vary some of the things that effect price:
– Pick Up and Return location
– Alcohol package included/excluded
– Group Size
– Party Bus / Limo Type
– Etc..
*** At Party rock™ we do not believe in “after hour” charges, we party all hours for the same price 
Do you have any preset Party Rock Packages?

Yes we do,

We also have special promotion packages from time to time
So check out our specials page and see what’s Rockin at Party Rock™

Where do you take us? Can we choose our own venues?

We can take you wherever you like. We also have an extensive list of venue partners that offer some GREAT DEALS but if you want to go somewhere else we can certainly do that.
Your Certified Party Rock™ Party and Event manager will certainly be able to help you! Or check out our Venue Guide

How many people should I or can I invite?

Chat with your Party Rock™ Party and Event Manager, they will be able to discuss group sizes with you as we have a whole range of  Party Rock™ vehicles available from groups of 6 to 106.

Can I change my schedule during the transport?

In 99% of cases no, as your Certified Party Planner and Event Manager will book everything in advance, we don’t want to upset our venue partners.
They go to a lot of effort to make you feel like a Party Rock™ Rocker and offer some great deals!

How long do we spend at each venue?

YourCertified Party and Event manager will discuss this with you. Normally it is around an hour but as every tour and event is personalised we can certainly make the adjustments you want

Do I pay upfront?

In most cases no you don’t,

We do require a refundable security deposit/bond  to confirm your reservation and we accept cash on the night we try and make it as easy as possible for you! Refer to your party and event manager or check your terms and conditions

Do I need ID to get into clubs?


Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past decade Liquor Licensing requires all patrons to have state or federal issued photo identification.

What is your cancellation policy?

Check with your party and event manager.

Every reservation is different, if in doubt check your reservation pack for the extended terms and conditions or as a guide check our terms and conditions page.

Do you own all of the vehicles?

Party Rock™ owns some of their own vehicles,

Some are contracted out and carried out by our Party Bus Associates, don’t worry they are all carried out to the Party Rock™ specifications and all have fantastic approved Party Rock™ features!

I want a discount!

It’s 2016, and the world of Groupon and Scoopon,

Yes we always have deals going and your party and event manager will certainly give you the best deal they can!

If you have a competitors price let them know, they will try their best to beat it.

Whats the dress code?


Depending on your event if you are going to pubs, clubs or restaurants they have Dress Codes.

*If you are planning a theme discuss this first with your certified Party Rock™ Party and Events Manager so that they can suggest the right places to go.
IMPORTANT: While our venue partners are fairly lenient with dress codes for our groups this does not guarantee you will get in. It is STRICTLY your responsibility to dress yourself appropriately. 

How do I get my bond back after an event?

Simply complete the bond refund form

Provided there is no damage or rule breaking we will refund it back to your nominated bank account

I want to complain!

In the rare instance there is a problem let us know right away,

We will generate a ticket in our system and will do our best to make sure you are happy.

If your Party Planner can’t help you The Party Rock™ Owner will!

You are assured the best outcome every time!