Looking for the best bucks party ideas in Adelaide, well then look no further! Party Rock Entertainment has the best to offer when it comes to bucks party ideas and our certified party and event planners are hear to help you step by step, beer by beer! Our Adelaide Party Bus services are the best plan in having a bucks party that really rocks!

Party Party Party

What do you give to your best mate a week or two before they get hitched? That’s right, a Bucks Party. Tomorrow he may be getting married, but tonight he should buck like there is no tomorrow! When the time comes for party tours, there can be no better than a Buck Party. Buck Parties characteristically are naughty and loaded with fun all evening and oozing excitement all round.

Best Man…Oh Man!

Entrusted with the mantle of being the best man, there is so much you’ve got to do. While all the rest of the stuff can wait, if something needs to be done as soon as possible before the wedding, it’s the Bucks Party. You can’t let your best friend dive into the abyssal depths of matrimony without giving him the time of his life now can you?
We know organizing the best buck party tour is no easy feat, and hence we are here to help you through it all. Get ready to have the time of your life with your mates, with a buck party that will rock, roll, and take its toll (but that’s for you to worry about the morning after).

Bucks Party Ideas: Ain’t No Party Till the Girls Show Up

There isn’t a perfect buck party in town without its assortments of bikini clad babes. We give you a Bucks Party Tour to the best strip clubs in town where the dancers will make the groom have second thoughts about tying the knot, but not too much. You will experience a party that’ll be etched into your memories for a lifetime.
Ready to throw the best party for your best mate? Contact us for further details on our Bucks Party Tours.

Whatever the type of bucks party ideas that you may have, contact us and get details on our action packed bucks party deals.

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Bucks Party Night in Adelaide with Party Rock Entertainment!

  • BEST Venue Partner Deals in the industry! You Pick.
  • Professional and Young certified party planners for your bucks party ideas
    • Some of our competitors are party poopers
  • The Best and most exciting party hosts to look after you
  • Fully insured and accredited for YOUR safety
    • Don’t risk it! some companies are not fully insured

  • Fully professional booking system
    • We don’t lose your bucks party bookings! Professionalism Guaranteed
  • Party Rock is available 24/7 via phone or email
  • Luxury fun and style

Bucks Party Ideas Adelaide – Party Bus Features

At Party Rock Entertainment we have a range of party buses available for your bucks party some of the Adelaide party bus features are:

  • Guest capacity available for 6 – 40 bucks (need more book more buses)

    • Not all party buses are the same
  • Over 14,000 watts of crazy pumping sound
  • Multiple TV monitors for video clips or laser light shows
  • All of the top chart music or bring your own playlist

  • High-End LED Lights
  • DJ Laser Lights
  • Partial perimeter seating
  • Fully blocked out windows for that classy limousine effect

Other Adelaide Party Bus Events

A bucks party night on the Adelaide Party Bus is always a great way to make your special event memorable, and to keep your mind at ease at Party Rock Entertainment all of our party planners in addition to vigorous training have completed a certification in Event and Hospitality Management, just another way we make sure your event is a super success. Why would you risk your special bucks party ideas in Adelaide with amateurs?

See all of our Adelaide Party Bus Events here some of the other events we offer are:

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