Australia’s ever-growing culture and history has led to its dedication towards the expansion of its cultural festivals and events and is this is no truer anywhere than in Australia’s southern capital of Adelaide. Adelaide is to the outside world known by a magnificent phrase; “The city of churches”. This beautiful tourists’ heaven is not just the capital city of South Australia, it is also hitherto known as the fifth largest and most populous city in Australia. Globally, Adelaide is reputed for its festivities, sporting events, food, wine and rich cultural heritage.

Almost every of Adelaide’s location has a unique climate condition and time favorable for visiting them and the typical time to visit Adelaide is during the months of December to March. The months of February 16 March 18, 2018, celebrates Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018 – and as expected, a huge array of festivals and events will take over the city during this time, making early spring one of the best times to experience this amazing capital city.

The Adelaide Fringe Festival

When we talk about the Adelaide Fringe festival, we are solely referring to the largest annual arts festival in the Southern part of the earth, and subsequently the largest globally. The Adelaide Fringe festival holds in Adelaide, South of Australia’s capital, it spans across over four (4) weeks during February and March. The Adelaide’s Fringe festival is a terrific one, where well over four-thousand artists from Australia’s immediate environs and of course from world over perform awesomely. There are also about nine hundred (900) events simultaneously taking place in makeshift, pop-up venues, in parks, warehouses, lane-ways and not-in-use structures. There are also established venues such as theaters, hotels, art galleries, cafes and other such locations where visitors during the Adelaide Fringe festival can experience fresh and entertaining celebration atmosphere.


The Adelaide Fringe Festival first made its debut around been the 1960s and have since built an outstanding reputation as the most accessible arts festival in the world, where anyone can become a part of the celebration activities without any form of inhibitions. The Adelaide Fringe festival events range from visual art and theatre to circus and comedy. A lot of other festivals are also added each year as the event continues to grow and evolve with the city’s ever-changing culture.


The Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018 will not be an exception as plans have been rolled out to celebrate the country’s best theatre, dance, music, literature, film, and art. With plans of events gaining in size and skill every in all quarters, the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018 promises to be one of the city’s greatest.


As South Australia’s apparently isolated capital, Adelaide is proving that it doesn’t need the bright lights of Sydney of Melbourne to shine itself. With so much more going on throughout the rest of the year, Adelaide Fringe festival is just one place to start.

Places to Visit during the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018

Below are a few places that must not be missed while visiting during the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018:

  • The Cleland Conservation Park: Here, you can find a number of kangaroos, emus, wallabies and a number of other native animals. You could cuddle a Koala and have photo sessions with the animal in the park. The park also offers enough space for you to wander around. The cafes inside the park offer common cafe style food.
  • The National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide will offer you a glimpse into the history of Australian railway. A well-presented museum with steel and diesel locomotives arranged in a neat fashion, any traveler visiting this museum will be carried into the nostalgic past of the Australian railway industry.
  • In the Adelaide botanical garden, you will find the atmospherically controlled spectacular plant building with plant life thriving inside. The Wine Center is close to the botanical garden, the entry to which is free. The garden is kept in perfect condition. You could also take some rest in the shades of any of the different kinds of trees that you find here.
  • If you love chocolates, then you definitely don’t want to miss the Melba Chocolate and Confectionery Factory. The factory guide takes you to each and every room, talking about the history and process of chocolate production. Of course, you won’t be able to listen because of the strong chocolate aroma that fills your nostrils.
  • The Art Gallery of South Australia boasts the largest collection of art in Australia. An estimated 35,000 artworks are preserved in this cultural museum. The museum is worth visiting for its exclusive collection of Australian indigenous art. The art gallery also contains works of British as well as Japanese Artists.
  • Theandanya, National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, The Oval cricket stadium, The Adelaide festival center, The Parliament House, The Happy Valley Reservoir and The Seahorse Farm are some other places that you should stopover during your visit to Adelaide.

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